Area and Activities

Poitou-Charentes, Warmly Recommended!

The beautiful region of Poitou-Charentes is located near the Atlantic coast. Read: long sandy beaches and clear blue water. But forests and marshes as well. And many more activities, things to see and great food. In short: a popular region for tourists with or without children. Poitou-Charentes has a well-deserved place in the top ten regions to visit according to Lonely Planet.

Most Hours of Sunshine a Year

Thanks to the warm currents from the Gulf stream, Poitou-Charentes is one of the sunniest places in France. From June till September the average temperature is 26 degrees. In the spring and autumn, you can enjoy a pleasant 20 degrees.

Good Food and Drinks in the Vicinity

Enjoy regional specialties in typical French villages, such as:

  • the eel dish Matelote d’anguilles
  • the Sauce aux Lumas (snails in red wine)
  • the oysters of Marennes Oléron
  • the Chabichou goat cheese
  • the tempting Tourteau Fromager (cheesecake)
  • the Broyé Poitevin (round cake)
  • the Macarons de Montmorillon (almond biscuits)

Have a nice regional drink, such as:

  • Cognac (local brandy)
  • Pineau de Charentes (aperitif with wine and cognac)
  • Country wines from different departments